It's about peace of mind

Since 1974, clients have entrusted us to provide customized investment counselling and management to help them reach their unique investment goals. Our deep knowledge and history of investment counselling continues to make this service a cornerstone of Mawer today.

This is a discretionary service—this means your dedicated investment counsellor manages your portfolio on your behalf. This provides peace of mind by freeing you from the ongoing decision-making surrounding your portfolios.

Investment Counselling is available to individuals, families, holding corporations, foundations, trusts and estates.

Dedicated client service team

We assign a dedicated investment counsellor and administrator to each client. This ensures that your investment support team is readily available to respond to any questions or instructions you may have.

Your investment road map

We work closely with you to establish specific investment objectives and risk parameters which are incorporated into an investment roadmap known as the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Once your IPS is established, your investment counsellor assumes responsibility for managing and monitoring your investment portfolio. Your portfolio is managed to align with your changing circumstances and the market environment which ultimately alleviates you from making day-to-day investment decisions.


Comprehensive web-based reporting is available for all clients and includes transaction, portfolio valuation, performance, and asset mix reports. Year-end tax reporting is also provided.

Communication is the key

Your investment counsellor will communicate with you to review your investment strategy and ensure that it remains suitable as your circumstances change. In addition, we offer investor education through our Art of Boring blogquarterly update, and white papers.

Holistic approach

A multi-disciplinary approach can often be beneficial to investors. Your investment counsellor can work with your other advisors—accountants, legal counsel, financial and estate planners—to ensure your long-term objectives are met. This service is available for clients with investment portfolios of $1 million or more.

To learn more, please contact:

Olivia Woo, CFA, MBA
Director, Investment Counsellor
Phone: +1 (403) 774-4386
Toll Free: +1 (800) 889-6248

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